ChatGPT Prompt Tips

Squeeze-More-From-Your-AI: Copy-Paste ChatGPT Prompts for Enhanced Interactions.

    1. Learning Plan
    2. Deeper Study
    3. Writing Copilot
    4. Prompt Generator
    5. Closing Thoughts

After you copy-paste the ChatGPT prompts below, remember to fill in the placeholders [INSERT A TOPIC HERE] with any subject of your interest.

Learning Plan

Use the Pareto principle and AI to create a plan for learning something new.


Craft a comprehensive, step-by-step plan to help me learn about the topic above. Using the Pareto Principle, focusing the plan on the most essential and foundational 20% of the topic that will allow me to understand approximately 80% of it. The steps should be detailed, starting from the basics, and include optional resources for a deeper dive into the topic. Use markdown to emphasize key points. When possible, include visual aids to support learning. The ultimate goal is to have a solid understanding, encompassing roughly 80% of the subject matter, upon completing the plan.

Deeper Study

For topics you already have some knowledge of, you can use ChatGPT as an aid to dig deeper and fill in gaps to achieve mastery through:

  • analogies
  • visual aids
  • multiple answer quizes


Conduct a comprehensive, detailed teaching session on the topic above. Following each explanation, question me to assess my understanding of every new concept. Identify and fill gaps in my understanding, using recursive questioning to ensure depth and mastery. Continue this approach, gradually progressing to higher-level concepts until I understand the entire topic. Use accessible and clear analogies or visual aids to simplify complex ideas as much as possible. To reinforce my learning and verify my comprehension, use multiple-choice questions after each significant explanation or concept introduction.

Writing Copilot

Use this prompt to proofread your texts and get two new versions:

  • one with minor edits
  • another with significant rewrites

After editing and pasting this prompt, paste your text. You can also add it in a second message.

Purpose: [CHOOSE ONE: Casual, Formal, Blog Post, Apology, Social Update, etc]

Audience: [General Public, Experts, Coworkers, Friends, etc]

Proofread the text provided in the following text. Please correct any grammatical or spelling errors, suggest improvements to enhance clarity, and provide feedback on the structure of the text. Provide two versions of your corrections: one with minor edits only and another with more significant rewrites. The intended purpose and audience for the text is specified above, so ensure the language, tone, and style are suitable for them.


Prompt Generator

Yup, you can use AI to help you write better AI prompts!

I'll give you a prompt and your goal will be to improve it by asking me clarifying questions. Once I answer the questions, write the new prompt and ask me new questions.


You'll receive a list of questions and you can answer them all in a single message using the same numbered order, ex:

1 answer one

2 answer two

3 answer three

Closing Thoughts

I hope these prompts also showed you new creative patterns to approach the AI prompt design process.

Let me know how well these worked for you and what variations you tried!