A list of Ember podcasts

Have a quick overview of the four Ember podcasts that are out there and a small list of selected Ember episodes.

    1. Ember weekend
    2. Frontside the Podcast
    3. Ember Land
    4. Ember Hot Seat
    5. Other podcasts

Ember weekend

Ember weekend is sponsored by Hashrocket, a Rails consultancy. It is hosted by Chase McCarthy (@code0100fun) and Jonathan Jackson (@rondale_sc), both developers at Hashrocket. Topics discussed are news, features, events and tools being used to do Ember development.

Frontside the Podcast

Frontside the Podcast is done by The Frontside, an Austin-based software studio. It is hosted by Charles Lowell (@cowboyd) and Brandon Hays (@tehviking).

It's like hanging out at The Frontside software studio.

C. Lowell is The Frontside founder; B. Hays is a marketer turned programmer, working at The Frontside too.

Check the episode Ember-Metal, HTMLbars, and the death of script tags, it goes through one of the biggest changes that Ember has gone, so definitely a good listen.

Ember Land

Ember Land by Dockyard, an Ember consultancy, is a weekly podcast where the hosts, Dan McClain (@_danmcclain) and Robert Jackson (@rwjblue), chat about the latest Ember features and news. The conversations are short and concise, spanning from 5 to 20 minutes.

D. McClain is a partner and developer at Dockyard; R. Jackson, also a Dockyard developer, is an Ember core team member.

Ember Hot Seat

This podcast seems to have ceased activity, June 2014 is the date of their last episode. However, you'll still find 17 tracks in their SoundCloud page: Ember Hot Seat.

In each episode, Devaris Brown (@devarispbrown) chats with influential members of the Ember community and digs into what they have been working on.

Other podcasts

Five selected Ember episodes found in different podcasts:

1.- Ember.js with Yehuda Katz and Tom Dale (29 August 2013)

  • You’ll learn why and how Ember.js was created.
  • Initially URls were the core value proposition of Ember.
  • Model View Controller (MVC) is the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of architecture that you need for a client side application.
  • Dependency injection implementations.
  • The browser flipped from document viewer to application runtime.

2.- The Ember.js Project with Erik Bryn (04 June 2014)

3.- Between | Screens #72 with Tom Dale. (12 March 2015)

Tom Dale | Why Ember? | Corporate entities | Browser apps | Javascript | Designers | Future

  • Tom Dale talks about the web, platforms and applications.
  • JavaScript as the new bytecode.
  • Glimmer the new rendering engine and how it compares to what React does.
  • Fastboot an attempt to bend the curve between server and client rendered applications.

4.- Between | Screens #88 with Tom Dale. (8 April 2015)

Why Ember? | Corporate entities | Browser apps | JavaScript | Designers | Glimmer engine | Future | FastBoot

  • MVC in Ember is much more like the original MVC (Smalltalk) and not the Rails MVC.
  • Backbone and islands of richness.
  • The container and dependency injection.
  • The router, URLs and application state.

5.- Between | Screens #98 with Tom Dale. (23 April 2015)

Ember Data | Model concerns | Adaptor | Backend | JSON API | JavaScript Promises | Ember Router | Ember CLI | Convention over configuration | Infrastructure setup | Firefox OS

  • Ember Data makes it easy to interoperate with any back end.
  • A promise represents a value that you don't have right now, but that you'll have in the future.
  • Ember CLI is about bringing convention over configuration to build tools.