Tetris LoL

Tetris game theme based on League of Legends, without JQuery!

I found myself skimming through the Riot Games website. I took a look at the available roles they had, mainly out of curiosity. There were a couple of openings for web developers. That got my attention because I had done a web development internship while in college and because it asked the following:

Can you write a Tetris game without using JQuery?

That made me pause for a second. Why was this being asked? From 2010 to 2013 I had been working exclusively with C and SQL. So I wondered if maybe writing a Tetris game was particularly challenging with JavaScript. A couple of weeks later I couldn't shake it out of my system, and I spent a weekend working on an initial implementation. It followed several refactors as I was picking up the language while building the game.

Check it out, it is hosted on Github.

Some time later, I wondered if anyone else had done the same thing and I did a few searches in Github and Google to see if any tetris LoL JS results would turn up. I didn't find any other repositories or fiddles, but I found this little gem: