How to set up an Umbrel node on Ubuntu

Guide to setting up a Bitcoin full node and lightning node with Umbrel on Ubuntu.

    1. Install Ubuntu
    2. Install Umbrel
    3. Notes

Install Ubuntu

For the storage configuration, use the entire disk.

entire disk

When you install Ubuntu, you'll want to use umbrel as the user name. Later on, a handful of scripts will depend on being located under /home/umbrel.

select umbrel as the user

Install Umbrel

Once you are logged in as the umbrel user in your new Ubuntu system, execute the script It'll take care of everything.

From /home/umbrel:

chmod u+x ./

On completion, you'll see a message like this one:

Umbrel is now accessible at
Skipping status update when not on Umbrel OS

Install completed. If you like, reboot to verify Umbrel starts on bootstrap.

Your Umbrel node is running. Now, go to a browser and visit your node's address (ex., and the Umbrel setup wizard will guide you from there.


Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get the domain umbrel.local to work, so the IP and TOR addresses will have to suffice.

Please send a PR if there's something wrong or odd with the install script, here is the repo: givanse/umbrel-ubuntu