Where is the Ember community?

A collection of places and channels where embereños help each other.

    1. Newsletter
    2. Chat about it
    3. Forums and websites
    4. Twitter
    5. Podcasts
    6. Blogs
    7. Companies
    8. Jobs


If you were to take away a single thing from this post I would like it to be the Ember Weekly newsletter, subscribe to it and you'll get a nice update on Ember things every Sunday.

Chat about it

There are lots of folks giving help and asking for help in the Freenode IRC channels #emberjs and #ember-cli. Just:

/join #emberjs
/join #ember-cli

Recently an Ember community Slack was created, you can get your invite here ember-community-slackin.herokuapp.com and after registering you'll login here: embercommunity.slack.com

You'll find over 30 channels, some of them are:

  • #jobs
  • #announcements
  • #needhelp

Forums and websites

The Ember.js discussion forum is pretty much the official Ember forums. The reasons are:

Of course you'll also find Ember topics in stablished websites, follow the subreddit /r/emberjs and the Stack Overflow tags ember.js and ember-cli.

If you want to see how the sausage is made, watch the Ember RFC repository. That is the place where you suggest and discuss new features or big changes for the framework.


The hashtag used for Ember tweets is #emberjs, I know, big shock.

There are some accounts that were created to track what is happening around Ember, check them out:

Every Ember event or meet up has their own Twitter account, some of them:

Yeah, there is a lot of tweeting going on around Ember.


There are four Ember podcasts:

I've written about those before in Ember podcasts list. You'll find there a brief description of each podcast and a list of five selected episodes.


The following are blogs that write a lot about Ember and within their posts you'll find lots of tools and tips:


If you are looking for Ember.js expertise you probably want to talk to this companies:

All of them are doing A LOT of open source with Ember. And, Tilde was founded by the oiriginal Ember authors, so they probably can help you.


If you are looking for Ember gigs, check:

There are always opportunities for different types of work; contract, full-Time, remote etc.

There are a lot of resources and hopefully this post gave you a good direction of where to go when dealing with Ember.